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Website Hosting / Design

Have you ever thought of having your own website? We can help make your website a reality. We can consult on the best choice for a domain name, provide website hosting, a domain specific email address, and determine what type of website would suit your needs. Some clients like to have basic html websites, while others like to have DotNetNuke websites which can be changed regularly by the client. We can even help build simple websites which utilize a database to keep track of customer information and perform repetitive tasks. For more information call us at (205) 312 - 9711 or send us an email.

Web Advertising / Hotspot Ads*

Multi-Path Network, Inc. allows personal and business ads to be placed on any of our Free Daily services. The ads appear as the first page to free daily users of our service and let users browse for thirty (30) minutes at a time. We also rotate the ads randomly to ensure equal exposure for all ads. Community Events such as church gatherings or other non-for-profit events are free to post.*

The ads can be a simple link to a pre-built website or we can design a simple webpage to display your ad/logo or other information.

Pricing for ads start at just $10 a month for a link to another website.

Pricing starts at $15 a month for submitted ads via email placed with other ads arranged on a webpage. ( This is perfect for business cards! )

Pricing is $30 a month for a customized designed webpage including any pictures or any other information wanted on the webpage.


To post a Free Community Event please send an email including

your full name, contact number, return email address, and description

of the event with any pictures or logos to

Please put "Community Event" in Subject Field.

Emails not containing all the above information will not be read

and will be immediately deleted.

*Multi-Path Network, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any AD for any reason at the discretion of Multi-Path Networks, Inc..


Featured Products

Fixed Wireless
Internet Access:
starting at $12.50/mo

Network Router setup: $99.99/hr

Business Web AD:
as low as $10.00/mo