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Network Design / Administration

Multi-Path knows networks. We can help with consultation services when building new networks, addressing issues such as ip addressing, dns, dhcp, wifi security, installing ethernet cable, and customer management. We utilize carrier grade equipment and can provide businesses with a customized wifi hotspot splash page for clients wishing to give their customers access to free wifi. In today's economy every little bit of advertising helps.

We also perform residental networking services. Looking to get all the devices in your home networked together? Call us. We can setup your wifi network to eliminate dead-spots and troubleshoot slow wifi connections. Currently, everything is practically networked together. New t.v.s , laptops, ipads, iphones, printers, game consoles, and even some video cameras can be networked together to allow sharing and viewing of just about anything you want to see. 

Our prices start at $99.99/hr for home network router setup and can quote prices on business router/firewall/network setups and administration on a per hour or monthly basis. For more information and quotes please call us at (205) 312 - 9711 or send us an email

Featured Products

Fixed Wireless
Internet Access:
starting at $12.50/mo

Network Router setup: $99.99/hr

Business Web AD:
as low as $10.00/mo