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Zulu Zone

Wifi Internet Services

The Multi-Path Zulu Zones Pre-Pay plans - Zulu 1, Zulu 3, and Zulu 7 day plans - offer high performance, always-on broadband wifi-based hotspot Internet service for clients needing a temporary internet connection. The Zulu Zone services removes the free trial restrictions, extends the browsing time, and removes redirect ads. Users can connect with regular laptops, smart phones, tablets, or Wifi Stations. Zulu Zones are 802.11g compatible but offers the greatest service with 802.11n devices. Browse the internet with a Zulu Zone plan today!  Call us at (205) 312 - 9711 or send us an email.


No installation is required for regular laptop use. No setup fees. No contracts.
Data plans are valid for (X)days from time of purchase or until a limit is reached.

Installation, applicable sales tax, and shipping are NOT included. Cancellation fees are outlined in the Multi-path Networks, Inc Terms and Conditions. Service may not be available in all areas of coverage area or hotspot locations. In some cases, an external wifi unit maybe neccessary to connect to the Zulu Zone service. Please contact us if your device does not have a strong signal for more options. A Fair Access Policy applies to all accounts.

*Download / upload speeds may vary due to end-user equipment configurations and network congestion. No set speed is guaranteed with any plan but should be between 1Mb/s and 6Mb/s.


Featured Products

Fixed Wireless
Internet Access:
starting at $12.50/mo

Network Router setup: $99.99/hr

Business Web AD:
as low as $10.00/mo