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Frequently Asked Questions

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I do not have a PayPal account and my debit or credit card is being denied. Why?

To help prevent lost or stolen cards from being used to make payments, PayPal uses a complex screening process for card payments. On rare occasions, their screening process may deny a credit or debit card that is valid.

A card might also be denied if:

  • The card issuer is having technical problems that prevent authorization of a transaction.
  • The card issuer sees a charge that does not fit your normal spending patterns and blocks the transaction to protect you.
  • You have inadvertently exceeded the limit on your card.
If you know that your card is valid but your payment isn't going through, you can:
  • Wait awhile and try your transaction again.
  • Try using another card to make your payment.
  • Contact your card issuer directly and ask why your card was declined.
  • Pay with your bank account instead of a credit or debit card.
To pay with your bank, just sign up for a PayPal account. After you link and confirm your bank account, you can use it to make payments.

You can also contact Paypal to find more answers at

How can I pay without a Paypal Account?

A Paypal account is not necessary to purchase a profile.
Click on pay with Debit or Credit card.

If you prefer not to pay with a Credit / Debit card
nor allow Paypal access to your banking information,

please click below
Green Dot's Money Pak.

Can I configure Outlook or Outlook Express for Emails?

Yes. Set the SMTP and POP3 email server to

MyMultiPath.Net / MyMPN.Net email accounts are free can be accessed and used
anytime while on the Multi-Path Network.

MyMultiPath / MyMPN Email can also be access through other providers
by going to

To Sign-up for a / email account, click here. It is extremly important to remember your email password. Currently, there is noway to retrieve a lost email password once lost or forgotten. The only option is to call us and verify the information on your internet service account. If you do not have an internet service account, we are sorry but we can not help you. Your only option is to create a new email address.

To access other email services like yahoo, Gmail, or hotmail,
first login for internet access then either open Outlook or Outlook Express
or go to the email providers email page.

Can I access my email without logging into my account?

Yes, when the login screen appears click on email.
If email account is hosted by Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, etc.
click on Free Trial to check your email account.
The Free Trial needs the pop-up blocker disabled.
Under the Free Trial you will have +/- 30 minutes.

Can I use my smart phone to connect to any of the Internet Services?

At this time, smart phones are untested.
If the smart phone is able to view standard webpages it should work fine.
One issue found has been smart phone antennas are greatly under powered
to save space and to conserve battery life. Meaning although,
a laptop may connect, the signal may not be strong enough
to and from the smart phone for general use.

I tried to make a PayPal plan purchase, why does it still not allow access?

Please make sure after making a PayPal payment to
click on the “Return to Multi-Path Networks, Inc.” link.

Generally, it takes between 5-10 minutes for a new purchase
to be fully processed. If after 30 minutes please submit a
Help Ticket or call us at 205-312-9711.

Can I connect a gaming system such as Xbox, or Wii to the Internet?

Gaming consoles present a unique challenge.

If the device is PPPoE capable, then set the device up to use
PPPoE and enter the username and password normally
used to login for internet access.

IF a PPPoE connection fails, then create a PPTP or VPN connection.
For internet address enter: "" or "" without quotes depending on which service you subscribe to.
Destination name: MPN
The username and password normally used to login for internet access.
and leave the domain blank.

If neither of these two options allows access, the device may
require setup by Multi-Path Networks, Inc. or is not compatible
with this type of internet service.

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