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About Us

Multi-Path Networks, Inc. is a small minority owned company located in Chilton County, Alabama. Started in 2010, Multi-Path Networks has a coverage area of an estimated 40 square miles. We are continually, adding service areas and hope to one day cover all of Chilton County with high-speed internet service. 

Multi-Path Networks, Inc. was started to give residents a more affordable choice. Even though DSL and cable internet is easy to access within most of the town limits of Chilton County, we offer access to people farther out in the community where these services do not reach. Our internet service also gives the people a choice of a more affordable solution than satellite internet service which is especially helpful during economic downtimes. We do not try and lock ourselves into one particular means of providing internet service and have plans to expand into fiber access. Multi-Path Networks, Inc. will continue to evaluate new technology as it becomes available and strive to provide the best possible internet service to its clients. 

Multi-Path Networks, Inc. would like to thank each client that has been with us through the years, through equipment upgrades and equipment failures, and have continually used our services. The business owners of Multi-Path Networks, Inc. have invested funding from personal sources and have never used any government assistance to build or maintain the infrastructure. Investors are welcome to inquire about joining us to build a better and brighter company. If you are interested in investing in us, please call us at (205) 312 - 9711 or send us and email. 

We, at Multi-Path Networks, Inc., will keep expanding choices for internet access.

Featured Products

Fixed Wireless
Internet Access:
starting at $12.50/mo

Network Router setup: $99.99/hr

Business Web AD:
as low as $10.00/mo